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V3 Tamagotchi - Mimitchi Forest
To get the odd side, you need to have a tamagotchi of an odd generation (e.g. 1,3 ,5..e.t.c) And to get a tamagotchi on the even side you need to have a tamagotchi of an even generation (e.g. 2 . 2) Shop codes: (to enter in a shop code, go to your shop and press a 3 times quickly and enter it in) . TAMA TOWN SOUVENIRS .

What are some tamagotchi passwords
What are some tamagotchi passwords? In: Tamagotchi [Edit categories]. Answer: For V4.5 i can give you a few... Passport=61888 27141. Hamburger=77600 .

How to Play With a Tamagotchi: 6 steps - wikiHow
Oct 5, 2011 . Icon #4 is to play games, shop, enter passwords, see souvenirs and items. Icon # 5 is to connect with other players,or if you have a V4 or V4.5, .

Tamagotchi V3 - Tama Yama Wuv
5. CACA BABC = stuffed animal. 6. ACBB BACC = hair gel. 7. BCBC CABA = love potion (honey). Tama Town Codes : Codes you get from Tama Town only works for your tamagotchi because of the username. . After you get all 3 items (which will be in your Souvenirs) you will get a 'Royal Costume'. . Tamagotchi V4.5 .

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Tamagotchi Codes - TamaTalk
Tamagotchi Codes: A forum for sharing and learning codes for the various . Pinned V3 & V4 TamaTown Item & Souvenir Passwords . V4.5 cell phone codes .

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List of Tamagotchi releases - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2.1 Tamagotchi Connection; 2.2 Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 . generates codes which the user can input into the toy and receive souvenirs, which are . [3] Like the features from Versions 2-4, V4.5 has secret codes that the player can .

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Secret Morphing Tamagotchi - YouTube
Apr 1, 2008 . RECOVERED: Tamagotchi Cheats, Help, Codes, Tricks, Tips and more! (V2-V4.5 )by RyangotchiReturns20479 views; When Tamagotchis Turn .

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Tamagotchi Questions including "If theres a cheat to get a match ...
How do you make your tamagotchi v4.5 evolve faster? You have to make it fit . to find the codes for all tamagotchis, check out the tamagotchi FAQ. Popularity: 3 .

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The Cheesy Noodle Log of Tamagotchis! - Tamagotchi Logs ...
For now I will be logging my v4.5 tamagotchi! . I have and she went to New York and I'm just picking up her souvenir on Tama Town right now.

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Here I am going to go in depth with the Tamagotchi V4 as well as I can! . Icon, You go here to Play games, Shop, Enter Passwords, view Souvenirs and use Items. . If you let a certain teacher Idle there for 5 seconds and you don't press any of .

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Tamagotchi Connection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1.3.1 Tamagotchi Connection V4.5; 1.3.2 Work; 1.3.3 PC. 1.4 Tamagotchi . is no 'Treat' option in the food. There are new 'Password' and 'Souvenir' options.